How young is “too young”, when it comes to alcohol?

Photo: Kasper Sørensen
Photo: Kasper Sørensen

England’s Chief Health Medical Officer has said that there are serious health risks for children aged 15 and under who drink alcohol. The statement comes after a recent survey suggested that twenty percent of 13-year-olds drinks at least once a week. Should underage teenagers be allowed to drink alchol in the comfort of their own home? Measures are in place to deter youngsters from purchasing alcohol, such as ID tests.

“There is serious harm that can come to children if they drink”:

Sir Liam Donaldson

Ministers and Doctors in the UK are worried by the rising rates of binge-drinking and alcohol-related illnesses. However, not everybody agrees with the claims made by the Chief Medical Officer. Many people have posted their views on the topic, to add your own or read these, click here