McFly in the sky

Photo: Sarah Clarke
Photo: Sarah Clarke

Twitter, the social networking site, has helped create an intergalactic first. McFly yesterday became the first band to have one of their songs played in space following an online campaign.

The band members urged their followers on Twitter to tweet “#stargirlinspace” months ago, and this was eventually noticed by NASA. They were so impressed with the response that they rewarded this yesterday by playing McFly’s number one single, Star Girl, to the astronauts.

This was part of an initiative by NASA to have a ‘tweetup’. A lucky 35 people would communicate with the astronauts via Twitter while in the space station.

Although not the first band to be played in space, this is the first time this has happened due to the enormity of fans petitioning. NASA have also dedicated the playing of the song to the fans who had tweeted.