Question Slime

Photo: Thomas Riggs
Photo: Thomas Riggs

BNP leader Nick Griffin will tonight appear on the BBC programme Question Time.

Although this has created some controversy, the BBC’s Deputy director general, Mark Byford, has defended the decision.

On the BBC website today, he states that there is a “responsibility of due impartiality” and that the BBC does not have a role to censor the BNP.

The BBC had previously rejected calls to ban Mr Griffin from the political show and he himself has thanked the corporation today for the publicity his appearance on the programme has gained.

Speaking to The Times, he said, “I thank the political class and their allies for being so stupid. The huge furore that the political class has created around it clearly gives us a whole new level of public recognition”.
Mr Griffin also believes that public support for the outspoken political group has grown since the outcry started.

There are also expected to be protests outside the BBC television centre today.

Question Time is broadcast tonight at 10:35pm on BBC One.