Government campaign to raise chlamydia awareness



NHS Lincolnshire Website
NHS Lincolnshire Website

Chlamydia has becomse the most common sexually transmitted disease amongst young people in Britain.

As a result the government has launched a new campaign to try and raise awareness and encourage testing.

Hasina Sacranie has been looking in to this for Siren FM.

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection, or STI.

It is known as ‘the silent disease’ as around fifty per cent of men and seventy five per cent of men who have it don’t have any symptoms.

There are a host of symptoms, for men it could include itching genitals and for women it could mean abdominal pains… But if you head to our website which is – we will have a full details about the symptoms and warning signs.


But in extreme cases, Chlamydia can cause infertility in women and cause men to be sterile.

The Government are creating a national screening programming to increase the number of young people taking the test.

They’re targeting people ages fifteen to twenty four years old. It’s about one in twelve people who have it at this age so it’s pretty important.

Free screenings are being set up across the country and you are notified by text message as to, whether you have Chlamydia or not.

Now, in Lincoln specifically, we have Tom Haughton, who is the peer support worker at the University of Lincoln.

And he is working on this campaign in Lincoln.

 Listen to the full interview here.