National Baking Week

Home made Cadbury Chunks
Home made Cadbury Chunks

Everyone is being encouraged this week to get themselves in a kitchen and get baking.

National Baking week is held from the 19th to 25th October and was developed last year to make people aware of how much fun baking can be.

Not only is baking fun, it is often healthier than buying baked goods from the supermarkets which are full of additives and preservatives.

However, although the aim of National Baking Week is to raise awareness of the importance of baking, it seems not many people are actually aware of the week itself.

Despite this, the week is supported by celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager for the second year running.

Also, the Week is working in partnership with high-profile brands such as Pyrex, Philadelphia and Kenwood.

Alison Clarke from Pimento Tea-Rooms and Sarah Thomas from Thomas 2 Cafe spoke to City Vibe

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