Lincoln Ghosts Good For Tourism

Ghost stories always attract curious minds and Lincoln is a hive for sightings. Local businesses say they get trade from specific interest in hauntings.

Brown’s Pie Shop has a history of ghost sightings. “Humphrey” is the name they’ve given to the spirit of a little boy they believe visits the cellar. Owner, Alan Gill says customers come as far as Oxford to catch a glimpse of a ghost.

Michelle Simms from the local Tourist Information Centre has noticed a rise in visitors after programmes like Most Haunted visit the city.

Over the Halloween weekend, tourism numbers are likely to see a rise.

Emma Sellars at the Green Dragon believes the ghosts in her pub are unhappy and agressive.

“If you are good, you attract good” says Susan Winter, a psychic medium from Lincoln. She says that different types of spirits are attracted to different types of people. This could mean disappointment for amateur ghost hunters.

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Contact Susan Winter at her website.