70th Anniversary for World War 2

City in ruin during WW2

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the start of the Second World War.

Over 27 million soldiers died during this conflict, and including civilian deaths, the total reaches closer to 60 million.

The Lincolnshire Ex-Services Association (LExSA) is an organisation made up of men and women who have fought in the war. They arrange mutual support meetings to remember their dead colleagues.

At one of these meetings, held on Tentercroft Street in Lincoln, some veterans recalled their memories of the war.

Frank Williamson (91 years) fought in the Second World War;



“It’s important to remember, all those men, I left many, many friends there, they’re still out there.”


John Maccy is the Vice Chairman of the British Legion of this local Branch.

He talked about the Burma Vets association. A group to praise the reserves on reserve in Burma, who are often referred to as ‘The Forgotten Army’, however doesn’t think that they should be at all, saying that he “admires them a lot.”

Paul Brance an ex-serviceman who served in Palestine spoke to CityVibe@5 reporter Hasina Sacranie. Listen to the interview here.