On This Day…

Novermber 6th

Let’s go back in time and see what has happened on the November 6th through the years.

On this day in 1860 Abraham Lincoln the face of the 5 dollar bill was elected the 16th American President.

The year 1917 saw the end of the third battle of the Ypres. British and Canadian troops captured the infamous Passchendale ridge

A ceasefire was announced in 1956 between Egyptian, French and British forces fighting for control of the Suez Canal

In 1999 Australians voted to keep the head of the commonwealth as their head of state,


It’s a very happy birthday to Northern Irish comedian Frank Carson who is 83 today. The Sports commentator Jim Rosenthal is 62 today, model Nell McAndrew is 36 years young and Actress Thandie Newton is still looking gorgeous at 37.


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