Sincil Drains Cleaned Up

Photo: Gemma Goacher

Bicycle wheels, pushchairs and road signs are just a few of the things that were pulled out of Sincil Drain earlier this week. Volunteers from around Lincoln joined together in a community project to help clean up the Sincil Drain area of Lincoln.

This was all in aid of ‘Make a Difference Day’, the UK’s largest single day of volunteering. It is part of the national volunteering organisation called CSV. The actual day took place on the 31st October but anyone can hold an event up until the 7th November.

Jane Kilby, the Project Administrator says;

“this day is all about showing some community spirit, we’ve got a team of volunteers which is made up of staff and students from the university and various other local agencies.”

However, it was not just students giving a helping hand, Kevin Clayton, the Vice Chairman for the Lincoln Supports Trust was offering his support and he believes that this is just the beginning of things to come.

“I think we’ll probably have another go at this once we’ve got our practise in. There is plenty to go at. It would be good for the people who live locally to get involved, it’s a great way of improving your own local area.”

For more information about how you can get involved with community projects around Lincoln, pop into the Soap Centre on campus or visit .