Retro Sweets are Back!

Photo: Abbie Smith
Photo: Abbie Smith

The sales of retro sweets have increased hugely during the recession as shoppers find new ways of indulging themselves.

Figures show that sweets such as fizzy cola bottles and rhubarb and custards have risen by 70% in some shops and other sweets like sherbet lemons and pear drops have also seen increased sales.

It’s thought the credit crunch has prompted this bout of nostalgia as people look for a cheap way of lifting their spirits by taking a trip down memory lane.

The closure of Woolworths and its pick’n’mix aisles are also believed to have contributed to the sudden rediscovery of sugar confectionery.  

However, the revival has come at a price. Modern health and hygiene laws have meant some packaging has had to be changed.

Meanwhile, concerns over additives and colourings has led to one supermarket chain insist their supplier use only natural ingredients, resulting in their new line of aniseed balls to be white.