Lincoln student fields motion against The Linc

A Lincoln Student has fielded a controversial motion to limit the amount of time the Students Union can spend dealing with The Linc newspaper.

Abdul ALim Bachani, president of the Lincoln University Futsal society has called a meeting on Monday to announce whether or not The Linc should be given a weekly quota of 30 minutes when dealing with the SU. This, the Students’ Union claims, comes as a result of them spending an inordinate amout of time dealing with staff members at the paper, which The Linc vehemently deny.

The Linc also claims that this nothing more than “a backhanded plot to limit their own accountability to the students of Lincoln”.

Read Shane Croucher’s article here and tune in to Citylive@5 for a live interview with Daniel Ioenescu, editor of The Linc.

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