Staying in: Your guide to this weekend’s TV

tv set
Photo: Roadsidepictures


Everyone will be glued to the TV again this weekend to watch the X-Factor which has turned into more of a pantomime after the Calvin Harris pineapple stunt last week and the shock eviction of Jamie-Afro.

But this week not only have we got to put up with Jedward but this week’s guest is Mariah Carey who I personally can’t stand what do you think about her Adam?

Also in X-Factor news the finalist single has been released to support Great Ormond Street Hospital. Michael Jacksons – You are not alone is the cover this year and I found it hilarious how John and Edward were only give the 4 words of you are not alone as a suet which lasts for about 5 seconds and then there gone again as to not ruin the entire song. But the miming last       week was awful it has to be said. Will you be buying the single?

Well if you do want to get the single it’s available to download from iTunes and places like that or it is available in the shops to buy. And we have links to that on our website and that’s on at 8o’clock on Saturday night

Strictly Come Dancing

On strictly dame Shirley Bassey has been raked in to try and boost the rating while the remaining 7 celebs will be dancing either a ballroom or Latin dance with everyone really giving it their all to stay in the competition. Apparently Ricky Whittle has had to do some late night rehearsals but not just to stay late with his gorgeous Australian dance partner Natalie Lowe his Hollyoak’s filming has been clashing with rehearsals so you can see how he and the others get on, that’s, 10 to 7 also tomorrow.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Yet another reality TV show using the term Celebrity in the loosest term. Jordan is about the only name I recognise and no shock that she has been top of the public voting to do the bush tuckers trials. And the only person to go is Camilla Dallerup after she quit the show for health reason she said she was feeling faint but then again who wouldn’t after living with all the insects and whatever else there is in that jungle!