Lincolnshire Care Homes Beat Thousands

The county’s residential care homes have improved while thousands around the country have been criticised by the Care Quality Commission.

From ‘adequate’ to ‘well’ Lincolnshire offers a service that consistently delivers above minimum requirements.

Two years ago their service delivered minimum requirements and was not consistently cost-effective for the wider community.

Lincolnshire is performing well in six out of seven measures. Some are: improved health and emotional well-being, quality of life and maintaining personal dignity and respect.

Lincolnshire County Council’s Councillor Graham Marsh is happy with the results:

“This is the best rating that Lincolnshire has ever achieved for its adult social services and puts us firmly among the councils who deliver good services for their communities.”

The report shows there is still room for improvement amongst the economic well being of Lincolnshire.

Cornwall, Peterborough and Surrey were just some of the areas named and shamed for their care home quality.

Reporter Daniel Ionescu spoke to Caroline Colesom, Assisstant Director of Adult Social Care to find out more.