Twitter targeted by online scam

Photo: lucasrag

The micro-blogging website Twitter has announced it has been the target of a scam involving file-sharing torrent sites.

The sites, which act as indexes of links to TV, film and music files, were compromised with the sole intention of gaining access to usernames and passwords.

Scammers were then able to access various Twitter accounts, because many people use the same log-in details for multiple websites.

Twitter officials strongly recommended its users use different combinations of username and password for each website they sign up for; subsequently avoiding this kind of problem in the future.

The scam was discovered after unusual activity was experienced, with regards to some Twitter users.

After some investigation, it was brought to light that someone had, over the past few years, created a torrent website and established it within the online community, with the sole intention of taking the log-in details of its users.

The affected accounts have now been reset by Twitter, who say that they haven’t yet identified all the threats.