Mystery space smash-up

Photo:Steve Crane

It would seem that x marks the spot…of a collision in space that has left experts baffled.

It is thought that the x shaped comet may have occurred as a result of two asteroids smashing together, NASA have described the trail of  dust as mysterious and say that images caught on the Hubble telescope would suggest that it is a head on collision.

Scientists believe that the two asteroids are siblings of the giant rock that was responsible for killing the dinosaurs millions of years ago.

The object which has been given the name P/2010A2 had been spotted last week circling around 90 million miles from earth in what is said to be the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

David Jewit of the University of California said “if these interpretations are correct, than these unknown asteroids are consistent with the Flora asteroid family produced by collision shattering more than 100 million years ago”.