Robin Hood Centre to reopen

Photo; FlaSunshine

Plans have been made to open Nottingham’s Robin Hood Centre once again. Closed in 2008, the City suffered a great loss of one of History’s, and Nottingham’s most famous figures.

Robin Hood of Sherwood Forrest, the thief who stole from the rich to give to the poor,  has had many films made about him and his ‘merry men’, along with love interest Main Marian. A highly skilled marksman and swordsman, this hero of folklore has been loved for many years with the stories of fighting and rescuing, and his every day adventures.

With the Robin Hood Centre in Maid Marian Way being closed, it left Nottingham with just a statue of this infamous individual. However there is hope of the centre being reopened.

The Robin Hood Centre takes you on a journey through medieval times. The plans are believed to include such entertainment as animatronic figures and live actors. At the time of closure, it was said that the city council could not money into it, therefore resulting in it having to close.

It is Planning Solutions Limited who wants to reopen the centre, and have been negotiating with the owner of the site, Tesco.