World Cancer Day

Picture from Cancer Research UK

It was World Cancer Day yesterday, an event used to promote awareness and prevention techniques that could lower the risk of developing cancer.

This year, simple lifestyle changes are being encouraged, which include reducing alcohol and tobacco consumption and maintaining a healthy diet.

World Cancer Day was held yesterday, an event designed to raise awareness of cancer, as well as to promote prevention techniques that could lower the risk of someone developing cancer.

This year the campaigns focus was on making simple lifestyle changes which could significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

These changes include stopping tobacco and alcohol consumption, avoiding exposure to second hand smoke, avoiding excessive sun exposure, maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly.

Over 12 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year, and over 7 million die from the disease. However, 40 per cent of cancers are preventable, mainly through simple lifestyle adjustments that were promoted yesterday.

Bev Gambles, from the Macmillan Cancer Support and Information Center at Lincoln County Hospital has this message:

“You just never know with cancer unfortunately. It’s just not a disease that will give you a warning.”

“Cancer doesn’t decide whether you’re going to get cancer or not so everyone needs to be aware of the risk factors and take those into account and into their lifestyle changes.”

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