Chlamydia crackdown across Lincolnshire

Photo by Becky Stanworth

NHS Lincolnshire is to hold Chlamydia screening events in bars, clubs and colleges across the county.

The screenings are taking place after NHS Lincolnshire teamed up with the Terence Higgins Trust to help get more people tested for the sexually transmitted infection.

This year they have already tested 15,000 15-24 year olds and with the scheme they are hoping to get this up to over 20,000 young people tested.

Jane Moren, the regional delivery manager for the Terence Higgins Trust in the Midlands said;

“NHS Lincolnshire has been working extremely hard. The Chlamydia screening target is 25% of young people between the ages of 15 and 24. The reason those targets are so high is that we need to test a large number of people to see if they’ve got it and then treat it effectively. The more people we treat the more numbers come down”

The target number is about to go up to 35% in the hope of decreasing Chlamydia numbers even more.

Listen to Siren FM’s Becky Stanworth, who talks to Michele Presbury- the chlamydia screening coordinator.

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