4×4’s on the rise

Following one of the coldest winters in Britain, a massive amount road traffic incidents were reported and many of you have chosen to switch to four-by-four vehicles to stay safer on the roads. We have been out to find whether or not sales of off road vehicles have been on the increase. 

Following an icy winter on the roads it seems that 4×4 is the way forward. Britain was at a standstill for weeks due to the wintery conditions with roads blocked off by jack-knifed Lorries and overturned cars that have skidded off the road so has this increased the sales of four wheeled drive vehicles. 

If you compared the sales figures from January last year with this year’s figures and there is a clear increase. Jeep saw sales figures shoot up by over 200% while Market leaders in the sector, Land Rover, increased sales by 60% selling 1000 more units than the year before. A spokesperson for Land Rover told me that this happens every time there is a bout of bad weather in the country despite the recession.

City Vibe @ 5 reporter Josh Kheng has more.