Why you’ll need to add a calculator to you’re night out survival kit

 Everyone is aware of alcohol units but how aware are you of you’re alcohol unit intake? Consultations are underway to consider making labelling compulsory on all alcoholic drinks, information that would be included would consist of:

  • How many units the drink contains
  • The recommended limits
  • Health information
  • A logo and link for Drinkaware
  • A message about responsible drinking

Currently only 15% of drinks give the sufficient information. Yet back in 2007 a voluntary agreement was made between the alcohol industries and the government but as of yet only a few have met the terms set out.

“The voluntary compliance has been rather disappointing and there has been a small number who’ve been very reluctant to do the extra that is necessary” Gillian Merron, Public Health Minister

It is not intentionally going to stop people from going out and getting paralytic but rather this method of unit awareness is there for those who want it.

“It would let the people know what they’re drinking, it’s not going to change the culture on it’s own but it’s certainly a positive step” – Elliott Elam, National Spokesman for Addaction (http://www.addaction.org.uk)

Should compulsory labelling get the go-ahead when it comes to going out for a drink or several and should you choose to watch your unit intake just remember every unit adds up and bringing a calculator might be a wise idea.

Dan Gallager spoke to Gilliam Merron MP, Public Health Minister about the importance about the labelling on Alcohol beverages