New laws set to change lap dancing clubs

From April onwards, lap dancing clubs are set to fall under sexual entertainment venues.

As of the beginning of next month, lap dancing clubs will no longer be classed the same as pubs and clubs. This new act which falls under the new rules of the policing and crime act 2009 will stop these clubs from opening near schools or in quiet neighbourhoods.

Owners of such clubs, such as Alex Buchanan who runs Cloud nine based in Lincoln thinks it will greatly affect his licensing fees although the employees themselves cant see the new legislation affecting their jobs.

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  1. The new restrictions – if there are any – will only stop the clubs operating “near schools or in quiet neighbourhoods” if that’s what the council decides, and are adoptive: the council has to decide whether to adopt them. Some Monty-Pythonesque rules are emerging in different parts of the country eg a minimum distance between dancers and customers, conjuring up images of council officers running around with tape measures. Calderdale, for example, is thinking of introducing compulsory non-transparent G-strings.

    Under the new regime, clubs will have to reapply for licences within a year and may not be granted them, so it certainly could affect dancers’ jobs..

    For a serious piece of journalism, read
    and consult both the GMB and Equity, who proposed and seconded a successful TUC motion opposing the new measures at the last TUC.

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