Timmy Pallet?

By Adrian Wallett at Flickr

Timmy Mallett has decided to swap his mallet for a pallet and showcase his finest work at an art exhibition in Lincoln. The entertainer is showing off his more creative side by selling a number of paintings at the Spencer Coleman Fine Art Gallery. Known for his children’s TV programmes and his appearance on ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!’, many see it as a change of scenery for Timmy Mallett, who is known for his wacky entertainment rather than being a serious artist.

The eccentric performer claims to get his inspiration from artists such as Van Gogh and says his paintings are just his feelings in art-form.

The exhibition, which has been on since last Friday, has proved to be a huge success this week and will no doubt continue to prove a hit until it closes this Sunday. The paintings cost upwards of £995 and are available in both prints and originals.