New cinema releases

If you fancy a trip to the cinema this evening then there’s a few new releases for you. The much anticipated Iron Man 2 is out tonight! Staring Robert Downey Jr, it picks up the story of  the millionaire inventor who creates a suit which basically turns him into a superhero. Lovers of action and comic book type stories will love this movie and it’s set to be a box office smash.

(Official trailer from Marvel)

 If romance is more your thing the The Last song could be the one for you this weekend. This features Miley Cirus in a more serious role than usual, she’s been sent to live with her Dad for the summer to ‘bond’  and as it’s based on a book written by the author of ‘The notebook’ and ‘Dear John’ of course there’s a story of first love. It looks set to be a tearjerker in true Nicholas Sparks’s style.

(Official trailer from Fox Searchlight Pictures)
There’s also comedy in the form of gentleman Broncos, this film directed by the man who brought you Napoleon dynamite, and that says it all really. It’s a bit random, but supposedly hilarious and could be perfect for a little light relief.

(Official trailer from Fox Searchlight Pictures)