Market Rasen races for change

Clearing final fence
Jockeys at Market Rasen clear the final fence and race to the finish line

The Managing Director of Market Rasen racecourse says more could be done to encourage new people into the sport.   

 In an interview for The Two Show Pip Kirkby said:   

“Like so many sports we are very good at creating jargon and code which sometimes makes us a bit inaccessible.”   

At the beginning of the year, The British Horseracing Association who govern horseracing, introduced their Racing for Change scheme aimed at addressing these issues.   

Under the scheme, initiatives such as clearer racecourse announcements, simpler race day programmes and media training for jockeys are to be introduced.   

Also a trial of decimal odds is due to take place this summer to make betting more customer friendly. Pip believes this alone will make a big improvement to peoples’ enjoyment of a race day.   


To tie in with Racing for Change, Market Rasen is having a Newcomers day fixture on 11th April.   

“So much of racing is shrouded in mystery. How many people have been up close to a fence before or seen inside the jockeys changing room? We aim to give people the opportunity to find out what goes on behind the scenes.”  Pip Explained.   

As well as fence building demonstrations and a jockey question and answer session, there will also be trips to watch the start of a race on offer throughout the day.   

For more information see the Market Rasen racecourse website