‘Inbetweeners-Gate’ continues

The local ‘controversy’ surrounding the now infamous joke from hit TV show The Inbetweeners has taken a new turn.

 A shop in Lincoln is now selling t-shirts sporting the controversial quote from Monday’s episode of the cult comedy.

Photo: 'damo1977'

 The Intersport store located on Lincoln high street have printed the t-shirts which read ‘Goodbye first rate education, hello University of Lincoln’. The store’s printing manager, Rick Haslam, said “we thought it would be funny to put the slogan on a T-shirt and show that we can take a joke.

“We should just take it as a bit of fun – and as they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. At least Lincoln got a mention.”

Not everyone has taken the jibe in good humour however. Emma Tatlow, deputy chief executive of Visit Lincolnshire, has extended an open invitation to the cast and crew of the show to come to Lincoln and see the city for themselves.

 After the episode had aired, the show’s co-writer Iain Morris issued an apology to the University of Lincoln through his Twitter account, saying the line was a private joke between the writers and a friend and apologised for the “collateral damage” that may have been caused. the tshirts are a good idea or not.

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