Black History Month

Photo: Lisa Denholm

The month of October is when we think of Halloween and putting the clocks back. But it is also when Black History Month takes place.

Black History Month (BHM) is a month dedicated to enriching the population into the history of a diffrent culture which may been changed or lost in the past. The month originally came from America from the mind of Carter G Woodson and was originally called ‘Negro History Week’ which evetual;ly became BHM and runs through the month of February in America.

The month holds a number of diffrent events across the country, reporter Lisa Denholm went to Oxjam music event in Lincoln, which rasied money for oxfam as well as raise awareness of BHM. It was a music event with a few special guests.

Here are what some of the people in attendence thought about lack of coverage that the month raecives in this city compared to others round the country.


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