Inbetweeners T-shirts are a hit

After the slamming the received on Monday Intersport are doing successful business with their new branded T-shirts. turning it into a positive

On Monday night the city University of Lincoln was slated by E4’s popular programme ‘The Inbetweeners’.  In the show the head teacher Mr. Gilbert played by Stand up comedian Greg Davies and by main character Will Mckenzie played by Simon Bird.

The lines in the show came as the head teacher threatened Will with fiddling with his UCAS application and says the line ‘It’s goodbye to first rate education, hello University of Lincoln.’  This is follwed by the character declaring the the city a ‘S***hole’

The reaction to the joke saw a variety of reactions from people shrugging it off and laughing with it and others with Facebook groups leaping to the defence of the city, these groups now have thousands of members.

But sports store Intersport has taken the crushing lines and turned them into positive. With the T-shirts now on sale  it seems like a popular move.

Here are what the students think of the new T-shirts

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