Fearne’s Lincoln Live Lounge

Photo: Laura Wright

Fearne Cotton had students in awe today as she presented Radio 1’s Live Lounge from the University of Lincoln’s Student Union Bar.

Press passes were required to step near the buzzing Tower Bar while Fearne presented her popular two hour slot on one of the UK’s most listened to radio stations.

It was talk of the town and peaked further as Zane Lowe and other familiar DJ’s arrived for the Live Lounge show and the 30 Seconds to Mars gig in the evening.

She spent some of the show talking to her “adopted girls” who she is staying in Lincoln with, and moved on to a setting up a blind date where a couple were sent to the 30 Seconds to Mars gig that evening.

Photo: Laura Wright

 Laura Wright reported from the Tower Bar throughout the day to LSJ students.

Below is the link to hear the full interview with Fearne Cotton, Laura asked if she had enjoyed her visit so far.

Our second reported Rebecca Caroline caught up with Zane Lowe after the live show.

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