The Nocton super dairy new campaign is out there!

Photo by: Rachael Porter

The proposed Nocton super-dairy farm has continuously been sparking controversy all over the UK. 

In a conversation with BBC Radio Humberside, a representative of Nocton Dairies said, “cows do not belong on fields”.
This has given the opposing campaign the idea of plastering adverts on the sides of buses saying, ‘Cows belong in Fields. Say no to the super-dairy’.
The 1800-cow factory farm is threatening the traditional scenery of the English Countryside.
The opposing rival campaign, has also been joined by five famous faces. These include Comedian Jo Brand, and Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow.
TV Presenter Jay Rayner, when speaking to the Guardian voiced his support for the super dairy farm, he said,”Unhappy, ill animals do not produce milk, so it’s not in the farm’s interests to mistreat them or shorten their lifespan.”

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  1. I fear for the welfare of these poor animals, that have no say.
    We do not need any more milk, despite the argument about transporting from abroad in butter form and people feel they are paying too higher price for milk and other dairy products.
    All the people I have spoken to, including those that are on the bread line, do not complain or even give the price of these products a second thought.

    No excuse.

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