30 Seconds to Mars

Photo: Rebecca Caroline
American band, 30 Seconds to Mars appeared in the city of Lincoln last night in the Engine Shed to perform a live performance.

Lead singer, Jared Leto, invited 25 lucky people on stage with him last night.

The band, first formed in 1998 by Jared and his brother Shannon has had huge success.

Their first album came out in 2002 ’30 Seconds to Mars’, followed by ‘A beautiful lie’ in 2005 and finally to their current album ‘This Is War’. Jared Leto said during the concert that he had never been to Lincoln before and that it’s a beautiful City.

Rebecca Caroline, a huge fan of the band, was there last night and got more then she bargained for. She also went home with one of Jared Leto’s gloves.

Best gig I’ve ever been to! I loved it! I held Jared’s hand for a minute when he jumped off stage into the crowd. The whole performance was amazing. He must have dropped the glove when he jumped into the crowd. When I pointed at it, security gave it to me!

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