Style guide

Some guidelines to help create consistency across the site. If you have questions about style, or suggestions for other information to include on this page, please contact

To avoid CityVibe@5 turning itself into a “mailto” link (CityVibe@5), delete the unwanted code in the HTML window, or write it in the HTML view in the first place.

Use the format: April 5, 2009.

With the new WordPress theme, images must be stored on OUR server and not a a photo-sharing website, such as Flickr. You will need to upload the image using the FROM COMPUTER tab.

Then follow the instructions, as below.

Use the <Image Title> box to add an Alt Tag (hover-over title) to your image. Keep titles simple and consider using the original photographer’s title if you’ve sourced the image from a library. As with story titles (see below), use upper case for the first word (and proper names) only.

Use the <Image Caption> box to credit the photographer, and use the format:

Photo: Jane Smith

Use your name or your colleague’s name, if the picture was taken by a member of LSJ. If you’ve sourced the image from a library, use the original photgrapher’s actual name (where it’s available – sometimes given in the photgrapher’s profile). Otherwise use the username given on Flickr etc.

Full-width images should be centred on the page. Alignment Right is recommended for smaller images (to avoid an overlap of text and image which sometimes occurs in the present template).

Using the <Link Image to> box will help ensure due credit is given to copyright owners. Images sourced from stock libraries should link to the page where you found the image (i.e. the photographer’s page – NOT a place where you have stored it).

Pay-offs / Who are we?
The site is called LSJ News, so let’s call our journalists “LSJ News reporters”.
If you want sign off at the end of an audio or video report, use the phrase: “This is X for LSJ News, in Lincoln.”

Don’t add style (bold, italics, coloured text) to basic text in stories.
Don’t add bold for “headlines”.

But …
Do use bold for titles of books and TV/radio programmes (not italic).
Do use bold for subtitles, within stories, for separate sections (as on this page and in the Heavy snow hits Lincoln! story:
The WordPress template automatically adds italics to Blockquotes.
Don’t allow any spurious code to enter the site when you’re copying and pasting from other sources. You can identify spurious code and delete it in the HTML view.

TIP: copying and pasting into the HTML window prevents spurious code from entering your post in the first place.

Upper case for first word only (to match BBC style in the sidebar).
But use upper case for all proper names.
Don’t put a full stop at the end of the title, but exclamation marks/question marks may be used where appropriate.

Concern for elderly in the snow
Lincoln to expect more snow
Businesses in Lincoln affected by snow
Heavy snow hits Lincoln!

Guardian style guide
See, for example, the Guardian‘s Style Guide for information about other words, topics etc.

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