‘Joggler’ fund raiser aims for world record

Photo: Dawn - Pink Chick

What do you get when you combine jogging and juggling?

The answer is the unusual activity of  ‘joggling’, which local fundraiser Tim Butler has been doing to raise funds for the Lincoln RSPCA. This weekend he will be joggling around Rutland Water aiming to raise around £600 for charity.

Mr Butler has already raised a massive £1,500 from his unusual method of running but he aims to take the activity to a new level – a world record!

Next year, on April 2, Mr Butler will run the Yarborough circuit in an attempt to break  the record for the longest distance joggled in 24 hours.

As if that wasnt enough Joggling for a weekend, the next day he will run 120 miles followed by the 10k Lincoln marathon.

LSJ news reporter Mike Northcott spoke to Tim Butler about his World Record attempt.

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