LSJ TV: Not a girl’s game

Once thought of as a sport just for girls, Lacrosse is becoming more popular for men across the world. Similar to hockey, the game involves using long-handled sticks called lacrosse to catch, carry and throw the ball towards the opponent’s goal. The sport requires a variety of skills including speed, agility, grace and teamwork.

Upon its inception, the World Championships had only 4 male teams, but now boasts an impressive 38 professional sides.

Here in Lincoln, the men’s lacrosse team has been running for 2 years and they compete in The Midlands Bucs league. We spoke to Dan Jones, Vice captain of the Lincoln team, who says that the men’s sport has different rules to the women’s. Sam Morris, the founder and former president of the team, spoke about growing popularity of men’s lacrosse and how those who play the sport are aware of the differences between the two versions of the game.