Tuition fees to triple by 2012

Photo: UK Parliament
Catherine Bebbington

Students across universities in England could face having to pay up to Triple in tuition fees by 2012.

Universities will be allowed to charge up to £6,000 per year with a £9,000 cap for the higher tier. The government proposed the rise in response to Lord Browne’s spending review, which recommended funding for universities be severely cut. The proposed move has divided opinion as students feel they are being made to foot the bill, which is being debated in the House of Commons today. 

The rise would not come into effect until 2012, meaning the majority of people at university now will continue to pay the current £3,290 until they graduate. Those who are aiming to go to university after that will face hefty tuition fees. They will however not have to pay back the loan until they are earining 21,000 a year, higher than the current £15,000 threshold.