London pull out of 2015 athletics bid

Uncertainty over the future of the Olympic Stadium in London has lead to London’s bid to host the 2015 World Athletics Championships being withdrawn.

The Olympic Stadium, London. Photo: G Travels on Flickr

The Government says they are unable to commit to the bid, due to the differing plans of the applicants to take control of the Stadium after the 2012 olympic games. The joint bid from West Ham United Football Club and Newham Council is the only bid that includes the retention of the running track in the stadium. 

 As a result of this, the bid has recieved the official support of UK Athletics and London Olympics chairman Lord Sebastian Coe.

The bid has been withdrawn out of fear that it would have to be removed at a later date. A situation that has occured in 2001, when the Government pulled out their bid to host the 2005 World Athletics championships.

The money that would have been used for this bid, could now be used in a bid to host the 2017 World Athletics Championships.

Beijing now hold the only remaining bid, and is expected to be announced as the host some time in the next month.

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