The final whistle: Refereeing in Sunday league football

Photo: Photo Plod

Referees and traffic wardens are amoung the least popular people in society. The former have the most difficult job in football, yet they choose to take to the pitch every weekend.

“The frustrating thing is it’s not consistent every week.” (James Rossington – Woodhall Spa Utd Manager) 

The standard of football varies greatly from the Premier League down to the Sunday Leagues. Naturally the refereeing follows suit but many of the issues are the same. 

Inconsistent decisions, individual errors and intimidation from players are as evident at Cheslea as they are at Nuneaton. 

So who would be a referee? There are no prizes, few thank you’s and often a basic lack of respect for Sunday league officials. 

The players and managers must take their own share of the  responsibility. If the Lincolnshire League has a problem, the referees shoulder only a small part of the blame. 

LSJ News reporter Alasdair Wood  interviews Woodhall Spa Utd manager James Rossington about the standard of refereeing at Sunday league level.