City Vibe chats to Mr Gilbert!

The much loved Mr Gilbert, although there is reason he might not be so loved at the University of Lincoln, has been chatting to City Vibe’s Adrian Burgess earlier.

Greg Davies, who plays Mr Gilbert in the hit TV show ‘The Inbetweeners’  has explained that he has never been to Lincoln and realises that a lot of people studying at the University of Lincoln now don’t like him after his character said the “Goodbye first rate education, hello University of Lincoln”.

However, he has stood up for himself saying: “I was just an actor reading out lines” and then passed all the blame onto the writers.

He also spoke about coming to the LPAC in November for his stand up tour “Firing cheeseballs at a dog”. He told Adrian how we can expect “a 40 somthing year old man telling a series of embarrassing incidents'” and how they are all personal experiences of his life.

You can see Greg at the LPAC on the November 23.

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