Photo: Ranbir Bhullar

Is the commercialization of Christmas killing the religious part of it? With Christmas fast approaching, many people will be forgiven for forgetting that in the midst of all the shopping, there is actually a religious element to it.

Are children more preoccupied with getting the perfect present than actually knowing the meaning behind the holiday? However, children aren’t to be blamed for not knowing enough about it because that is the responsibility of the parent. Or is it?

What if the parents of the parent didn’t teach the religious values of Christmas? This could have gone on for generations.

So this year, should parents teach kids about the true meaning of Christmas? If so, how do they explain it without giving away the horrible secret. The secret that Santa Clause isn’t actually real. Sincerest apologies to those reading this who actually believe in the fictional jolly old man character.

Les Acklam is the Chaplain at the University of Lincoln and he says it’s important for children to learn the meaning of the holiday, but should also enjoy the fun part of Chritmas.

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