Students march in Lincoln

Photo: Jonathan Holmes


Students at the University of Lincoln are making their feelings heard against planned rises in university fees with a protest in Lincoln’s city centre. The march started at 1.30pm from Castle Square, and will end at the offices of the Students’ Union on the university campus. 

Under current plans, universities will be able to charge up to £9,000 a year for courses. 

Lincoln’s march is only one of many protests happening around the country today as MPs debate the cuts. Students have staged sit-ins, marches and walkouts against the cuts which were announced last month. 

Photo: Jonathan Holmes


Nick Clegg asked students to “listen and look before they march and shout.” He said many students will end up paying back less than they do in the current system. 

Student Edward Woollard has today pleaded guilty to violent disorder following last fortnight’s national protest in London. He was seen throwing a fire extinguisher from the roof at Millbank Tower when it was invaded by students. 

Police have already warned they will arrest anybody who becomes violent in the protests. Several police officers are present at Lincoln’s march to prevent a repeat of the violence in London two weeks ago. 

LSJ News reporter Jonathan Holmes sent this report from the scene of the protests. 


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