Occupation in Lincoln

Over 20 protesters have taken up a room on the first floor of the Main Admin Building in Lincoln University in order to protest against the rise in tuition fees.

Signs of protest

The protesters have created and displayed banners and posters to emphasize how they feel about the rise in tuition fees.  They have ‘set camp’ in MB1019 where they are eating, sleeping and following the news to find out what the current report on the rise in tuition fees is. 

The occupation started after Wednesday’s demonstration throughout the city.  Amongst the protesters are Lincoln University students, Union members and members of Socialist Students Lincoln. 

A protester sleeping in the Main Building

The occupation hasn’t stopped university students from attending their lectures and seminars and they have said that they are taking turns in leaving the room to go home and freshen up.  

Lincoln University has commented on the occupation by releasing a statement saying: “The university supports students’ right to peaceful protest but will be endeavouring to ensure that timetables and teaching are not disrupted. Students are advised to check Blackboard for details of any timetable changes necessary”.

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