Academics attack Cameron’s views on Multi-culturalism

Photo by: The Prime Minister's Office

Two academics at the University of Lincoln have condemned David Cameron for his views on Multi-culturalism.

They say that the Prime-ministers speech last week has left them outraged and confused.

Liam McCann, Senior Principle of social policies, believes the statements and opinions that David Cameron portrayed in his speech are radically misinformed.

He said: “He misunderstands the notion of multi-culturalism and he confuses British history and the impact it has on multi-culturalism. They were the words of a gibbering idiot”.

Dr Andrea Beckmann, who specialises in criminology, moved to Britain from Germany sixteen years ago and says Cameron’s comments made her feel alienated:

She said: “I’m very concerned and dissappointed with Cameron’s comments. They insult me.

“When I was sixteen I came to this country as a pupil. I was impressed that in London people could live together and share their diversity”.

Dr Beckmann believes that the speech that was broadcast on the same day as a protest conducted by the English Defence League gave mixed signals about what is expected of being British.

She said: “He didn’t properly define what it means to be British. I don’t know what he was talking about. I just hope that he wasn’t celebrating the English Defence League as a marker of British diversity”.

She added: “Multi-culturalism means we can live together in Britain with different belief systems and different senses of belonging, but we can still live together”.

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