Homelessness in Lincoln on the increase

Evidence of the homelessness problem in Lincoln

A local homeless shelter manager has said that a new survey has underestimated the amount of people sleeping on the streets of Lincoln.

The survey released last week by the Department for Communities and Local Government estimates 1,786 people live rough on the street every night, with eight of those counted in the Lincoln area.

The Nomad Trust acts as an emergency night shelter, but residents can stay for nearly a month before being rehoused. Whist at the home, the trust offers residents advice as well as food, drink and a safe bed.

 The figures show a rise of 500 more people sleeping on the streets nationally than less than a year ago. They were calculated by every local authority counting or estimating how many people were sleeping rough on a typical night in their area.

Our reporter Jamie Freshwater spent a night sleeping on the streets to find out how bad the problem is.

If you find yourself homeless, then please contact the homeless shelter on 01522 883 700 or visit their website.

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