Miss Lincolnshire

For the majority of young girls across the country their dream is to be part of the Miss World competition. But before they can even think about donning the Miss World tiara on top of their heads, they must first qualify through their regional beauty pageants. These include such places as Miss Birmingham, Miss South Yorkshire, Miss Hertfordshire, Miss London and for hopefuls in Lincoln the Miss Lincolnshire competition.

This year’s Miss Lincolnshire event is being held in the summer at the David Lloyd club in Lincoln, and the contest has just started to receive this years applications.

But with some people saying that Beauty Pageants are sexist and that women shouldn’t be judged on their looks alone, are these types of competitions good for the country.   

Stephanie Bird, a student from the University of Lincoln, was a finalist in last year’s Miss Lincolnshire and she feels that this competition is different from others. “It depends what way you look at it, the Beauty Pageants which focus just on beauty and everything aren’t very good because I don’t think someone should be judged by what they look like, but this one was quite good because you had to do a round where you spoke about yourself and it was more about your personality as well, it depends what they are really.”

The rules for entry into the competition state that the applicant must be aged 18-24, must not have children and must not have appeared in a topless photo shot, as well not entering any other similar competition in the past. All of these rules and regulations could give some potential contestants second thoughts.


However Stephanie said being on the stage “was great fun” and she “had a really great time and got to meet some really great people.”

The event was thrown into doubt last year when organiser Graham Would from Lincoln was forced to step down due to work commitments. However the competition was saved last March when Richard Wycherley and Simon Daymen from city firm Wingit PR stepped in to save the competition from the brink of folding.

Stephanie also had some advice for any potential contenders for any Miss Lincolnshire competition, “Just enjoy yourself and enjoy what you’re doing and if anyone tells you to change don’t change.”

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