Unusual hobbies explored

Ever thought of treading the boards and attempting something new and a bit different to fill your free time?

A group of enthusiastic cosplayers displaying their works! Photo: Rebecca Jackson

Cosplaying, a word not many people of heard off and something even few know what it exactly is, although from the word you could make an educated guess. A craze which had been ongoing in Japan is slowly but surely making its mark upon the western country. So what does it involve?

Well have you ever considered creating your own costumes and dress up as your favourite video game or even movie character? Maybe even go as far as to act in character? Well that’s cosplaying in a nutshell for you.

But the hobby doesn’t stop there. It might sound crazy, but the western country has fallen in love with this unique activity so much that now it even hosts a European competition. Events such as the London MCM Expo host competitions, and regular conventions where like minded cosplayers can all meet. For more information visit: www.londonexpo.com

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