Lincolnshire Sausage to feature on Contryfile

Photo: Caro Wallis

This Sunday the ‘local banger’ will be making its debut appearance on BBC1’s Countryfile.

The simple mix of coarsely chopped meat, which is flavoured with a good amount of sage, helps make the Lincolnshire an iconic sausage.

Millions are expected to tune in to see Lincolnshire chief Rachel Green plug the delicious product.

Rachel, who is a keen outside caterer and food campaigner, told the BBC: “I’m really glad to wave the flag for Lincolnshire sausage”.

This is not the first time Lincoln’s famous product has been a talking point in the media. In 2004, a group of local butchers campaigned for the sausage to have Protected of Designation of Origins status.

In 2005, MP for Gainsborough, Edward Leigh, brought this matter up in the House of Commons.

The city takes its sausage seriously. Every year the city plays host to ‘The Lincoln Sausage Festivle’, where a competition helps crown the best sausage maker.

You can catch Countryfile this Sunday 6:25pm BBC1.

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