Umployment up, income down.

Photo: Marvin Nikolov

The unemployment Rate in the UK is at a 17-year-high, after figures released today reveal over two and a half million people are out of work.

Not only has unemployment risen, incomes have sunk to its lowest point since the 70’s.

The amount of young people aged 16-25 who are unemployed, has now risen to a record high at nearly a million. This makes one in ten teenagers a ‘NEET’ – Not in Education, Employment or Training.

The figures suggest that the British youth are some of the most under-employed in the world.

Meanwhile in the East Midlands, according to the Job Centre Plus, last month’s figures show that the regions unemployment  has risen by 11,000.

LSJ’s Jessica Mason spoke to the people of Lincolnshire about whether or not they had been hit by the recession, low income rate and unemployment.

The response she received was that people are mainly coping but there are worries for the future. On the recession, one woman said: “I’m currently going through a separation so I’m sure it [the recession] will do”.

Another man told Jessica how “It’s very difficult to find a job, that’s why I’m going in the army because there’s nothing out there”.

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