Jarrow March members hit Lincoln

A group of young protesters taking part in a recreation of the Jarrow March are visiting Lincoln for a public meeting with the Lincoln Trades Council.

Youth Fight for Jobs have recreated the historic event of 75 years ago to highlight an all time high in unemployment figures.

The march is in aid of young people  concerned they have no future . They are marching 330 miles to London from Jarrow in Tyne and Wear to raise awareness in a number of cities across the UK.

A number of protestors are meeting with local trade unions at a public meeting here in Lincoln.

The march began on 1st October marking the 75th anniversary of the Jarrow Crusade in 1936 where 200 unemployed people marched a similar route to raise awareness of mass unemployment.

The march has already been to Leeds marching from Leeds University to the city centre to a rally at the Millenium Square.

Marchers include young people, students, young trade unionists as well as grandchildren of the origional marchers.

The government says it is trying to tackle the problem of employment by creating 300, 000 new apprenticeships as well as rolling out its Work Programme.

LSJ reporter, Tamsin Bickley, spoke to on the the national organisers of the march, Paul Callanan, who told us more about the event.

To support or take part in the Jarrow March you can visit their facebook events page and their website, JarrowMarch2011.

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