LSJ TV: Dance The Night Away Without Your Man

Zumba has taken off in Lincoln, but men seem to be less than hot on joining classes.

With dozens of classes in Lincolnshire there is certainly no lack of opportunities.

Women in Lincolnshire join in with the thousands who take Zumba as it is one of the fastest growing exercise programmes in the UK.

Zumba began in the 1990s, it was the accidental invention of Alberto “Beto” Perez.

Perez forgot his aerobic class music and instead took what he had in the car; a mix of salsa, hip-hop and samba. The result was the world’s first Zumba class and it has gone from strength to strength since then.

It seems Lincoln’s men are yet to catch the bug though, local instructor Tina El Bikam says it could be down to embarrassment.

“It’s Latin, we know that guys learn that from birth in America but over here they don’t do they, they dad dance.”

“They’ve not got the rhythm and I think it scares them a bit.”

Where men are falling down, women are embracing their inner Latina and classes are being packed out each week. They say it is great for staying in shape, getting healthy and much more fun than running on a treadmill at a gym.

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