Cancer survival rates hit a new high

Macmillan Cancer Support have revealed that cancer patients are surviving longer than ever before.

Photo: Daniel

Since 1971, the survey claims that in especially adult leukaemia and ovarian cancer , the survival rate has increased from one year to six.

Cancer Speciality Nurse, Beverley Taylor said research has been the main element for improvement in treatment, saying more people are looking for new projects everyday.

But Macmillan claim that although treatment for some have improved,  those involving the lung and pancreas are still considered to be fatal, showing no signs of improvement. Beverley Taylor claimed ‘if the cancer is more rare and small in numbers, there will always be a battle for researchers to get the funding “

Thanks to these statistics however, doctors can now assess more accurately how long a patient will survive.

Beverley Taylor spoke to LSJ News about how research is a key factor in this vital progression.

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