New recruits for Lincoln Street Pastors

Photo:James Euinton

The Lincoln Street Pastors are celebrating their fifth year of service in the city centre.

Since 2007 the group have been putting their beliefs into practise, taking to the streets and providing care and assistance on Friday and Saturday nights.

LSJ News had the opportunity to join the Pastors on duty last Saturday. Though the rain poured down their spirits weren’t  dampened. 

They patrolled the streets until the early hours of the morning handing out bottles of water and flip flops, and helping those who had indulged a bit too much into their taxis home.

But this is not the full extent of the Pastor’s work. They collect glass bottles discarded on the streets, and count the number which is then recorded by the council

“We pick up glass bottles as they may get stood on and hurt someone, but it also prevents them from being used as dangerous weapons.”

Pastor John Liddle told LSJ News on the night.

The Pastors have been a real supportive force in the community, by taking on minor caring duties so that the police can tackle real crime.

Lincolnshire Police Inspector Mark Garthwaite told LSJ news:

“The Pastors seem to have a calming and pacifying effect upon people, and have really helped in assisting us in reducing street crime”

Started in Brixton, South London by Rev. Les Isaac, the street pastors have set up groups in towns and cities all over the country. They have received acclaim from Prime Minister David Cameron and many other public figures.

The Pastors are trained to handle all kinds of situations, including police training on weapons and drugs. The organization celebrates their 10th Birthday next year.

Senior Pastor, Marcus Harborne, probably summed it up best:

“If Jesus was here, he would be out on the streets helping, not hiding away in a church”

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